Monday, October 20, 2008

Changing things up this week

This week for the give away please:

1. visit my Etsy Store at or go to and search LittleDiddleBoutique.

2. Find your Favorite Bracelet

3. Write a discription of the bracelet. Talk about the design the materials, etc. If you have a little diddle bracelet go ahead and gush.

All participants will receive 25% off their next order and the winner will receive a bracelet of choice.

Thanks again for checking out my blog.


Christi said...

I have the Alice, Makenna, and the Lily. I love them all. I really like the Lily, because it matches everything!!!!!!
tatanish at gmail dot com

The Deckers said...

SKYLAR (described by owner, age 5)

Blue (but not a boy's blue)
Light Blue
Little Diamonds (really crystals)
Mine, and I love it!

amyldecker at gmail dot com

Best Family said...

my daughter has the Mirage and she loves it, it changes color's in the light. It is wonderful. I love all of Little Diddle's Jewlery they are very cute and a very good price too.

Best of the Best said...


Swarovski pink crystals
Rice shaped pink pearls
Incredibly cute

Best of the Best said...


Little stering silver beads
Ice cubed Aurora Borealis crystal
Vibrant birthstone crystals